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How I found my Spark

And how I can help you find Yours

I'm a Health Astrologer and "a lot more".


👩‍🎓 Business School & Federal Diploma in Human Resources

📚Psychology studies at the University of Hagen

👥 Professional coach - CAS - University of Northwestern Switzerland

🪐 Health Astrologer - studied under Judith Hill, Astrology University, Kira Sutherland

🌿 Certified Aromatherapist - studied under Martin Henglein

💫 Certified Holographic Soundhealer - studied under Dr. Paul Hubbert

💎 Certified Crystal Healer - studied under Judy Hall, Nicholas Pearson, and Ashley Leavy

🧘‍♀️ Registered yoga teacher E-RYT 500, studied, practiced, and taught in USA, Switzerland, and India


The "a lot more" are not meant to sound superior at all but represent my healing journey as well as my Health & Wellness Toolbox that I started building almost 20 years ago.


This is the time it took to find out what my body, mind and soul need to find radiant health and true well-being and to finally be happy. It's been quite a journey. For many years I was depressed, burnt out, had chronic UTI's, asthma, got cold sores almost every week and was overweight. And this was me in my 20's and early 30's.


But let's back up a little...















After hitting rock bottom, my NEW journey started back in 2005 when I got certified as an Aromatherapist, I gained fundamental knowledge about botanicals and how to use them for our well-being and health. 

Not only did I start my own healing journey, but I also started sharing, helping, and inspiring hundreds of people to create a healthier and more radiant life for themselves. And that was the birth of my “Holistic Wellness Toolbox”.

I teach modern   Medical Astrology integrating Holistic Wellness Practices

to empower my clients to transform their Health and Wellbeing

Over the years I filled up my Holistic Toolbox with more knowledge and practices to help people become healthier and happier. 

After obtaining my Diploma in Coaching from the University of Applied Sciences Nothwestern Switzerland, I started coaching clients who were stuck in their journey (or job) to find ways to get what they want and eventually, live a purposeful and fulfilled happy life. 

Throughout the last 10 years, I attained Certifications in Yoga (E-RYT-500), Astrology, Crystal Healing,

Holographic Sound Healing, Reiki and more. When I started combining my methods I saw incredible transformations. 


 But the real breakthrough came when I discovered Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is like a Health Blueprint of our Physical Body (Mind and Spirit). When we look at an Astrology Chart we can see Health Patterns and Clues to the person's health or potential Health Issues and within that, we also see the Remedies to balance one's health and well-being. And that is the most amazing thing!!!! 

Let me tell you honestly, Medical Astrology is MINDBLOWING! I wish I had known this 20 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of trouble. But going through it, got me here today.

I'm beyond excited to be able to share with you what I learned!

​I want to share the Practices of Medical Astrology with you and teach you how to use them in our modern, fast and busy times to find transformative radiant health & happiness. 

I'm not proud to say this but I tried EVERY HEALTH FAD out there. I literally can't think of one thing that I haven't tried yet. Every diet, every "tool", every promise...I spent a lot of money too. I always thought, well if this worked for so many people it must work for me too, right?


I was so wrong. Let me give you an example. There was a phase where everybody that I knew went ice-bathing, and I'm not at all saying this is a bad thing, it's actually really amazing and works for so many people to strengthen their immune system and a lot more.

But it didn't work for me. It made me literally sick, every time I tried it. It was so frustrating for me, and I didn't know why I couldn't do it.

Well, now I know why. In my Birth Chart I have a lot of Capricorn-Saturnian energy. Saturn is COLD. Which means I need heat in my body. So, adding cold to my body literally draws the life force out of me and makes me sick. Getting heat into my body, like doing hot yoga and sweating, eating hot and spicy food turned out to be the most healing things for my body. Isn't that crazy? It's so simple but it can take so long to figure it out. Health or Medical Astrology is a shortcut to that information.


This is just one of a lot of things I can read from a Health Birth Chart.


Today at 40 I'm in the best shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm free of all the dis-eases I had when I was in my 20's and early 30's.


If I only knew then what I know now. A big chunk of my life would have been so much easier.

The good thing is - I can give that shortcut to you, my friend.


Medical Astrology is the Blueprint of your Health.  Your Birth Chart contains the information about your Health and the Secrets and Remedies to unlock Radiant Health to live a joyful and truly fulfilled happy and healthy life.



Angela Hendry, E-RYT 500, YACEP 


Angela Hendry, E-RYT 500, is an international Yoga Teacher, Professional Coach, Health Astrologer, Aromatherapist and Energy Healer. She was born and raised in Switzerland and lived in the U.S for over ten years.


Angela is the founder of Modern Moon Mystic where she helps her clients find radiant health and well-being through Medical Astrology, Professional Coaching as well as Holistic practices like Yoga, Meditation, Sound- and Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Herbs and Flower Essences, and more.  


As a former International HR Manager, Angela knows the pressure and stress of the Corporate World all too well. This cumulated in an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually lead to dis-ease. Angela transformed her life through the health practices she learned on her healing path over the last 20 years.  


Her mission is now to help her clients through tailored wellness and lifestyle programs so that they can transform their health and well-being, and live a fulfilled and healthy life.


In her yoga classes, Angela incorporates Mindfulness, Pranayama, Meditation, Health Astrology, Sound, Energy healing and Aromatherapy for a Holistic Yoga Experience. Angela’s teaching style is shaped and inspired by her teachers and mentors in India, Europe, and the United States. 

She teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Energy Workshops, internationally, at yoga studios and in private settings. Her immersive Sound Baths are a unique and a truly magical experience.

About : About

How I found
Radiant Health

Hi there, my name is Angela. Let me tell you a little bit (or a lot) about myself and what brought me here today.

As a former International HR Manager,

I know pressure, stress, and unhappiness too well. For many years I was stuck on a Hamsterwheel of work work work and an unhealthy lifestyle.

I didn't understand and also didn't pay much attention to what my body (mind, and spirit) really needed. But to be honest, I also didn't really know where to start or what my body and mind really needed.  Which eventually lead me to burnout, asthma, chronic UTIs, depression, and being overweight, just to name a few. 

Until I hit rock bottom.


I decided to change my life, and instead of focusing on the outside world, money, and a corporate career, I promised myself to focus on my health and well-being


Today, I'm healthier and happier and more radiant than ever before.

And I am here today to help you unlock and unstuck your own Health. I want everybody to feel radiant and amazing and truly shine and enjoy their life.

I did it and so can you, my friend!

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