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7 things to do during the Libra Full Moon

It's about the balance of giving and taking, our relationships, work & rest etc.

🌟In Medical Astrology Libra rules the organs that come in pairs like the kidneys, the endocrine glands, and the ovaries.

And last but not least, Libra rules the Acid/alkaline balance in the body aka the pH balance which is maintained by the kidneys.

⚖️ The kidneys have two main ways to maintain acid-base balance - their cells reabsorb bicarbonate from the urine back to the blood and secrete hydrogen ions into the urine. By adjusting the amounts reabsorbed and secreted, they balance the bloodstream’s pH.

When the moon reaches its peak on a full moon, we experience the heightened effects on different levels and the best way to work with the energies is to work in sync with the energies and not fight against them.

For our health and well-being, the Libra Full Moon supports any type of balance. You can get creative with this but here are some ideas.

🌟 Work on your balance. Try balancing yoga poses. Want to keep it simple? Balance on one foot.

🌟 Balance your food groups. Make sure you get enough veggies.

🌟 Drink lots of water

🌟 Try this easy breathing technique - breathe in and count to 2 - hold your breath for 2 - breathe out for 2 - hold for 2 - repeat a couple of rounds

🌟 Here is a question for you to journal about - what do you bring into your relationships and what do you get out of your relationships? Are the input and output balanced?

🌟 The perfect crystal for Libra Full Moon is Rose Quartz

🌟 The perfect essential oil for Libra Full Moon is Rose

💕🫧 Don't forget to enjoy this Full Moon. Libra Full Moons make us feel like staying at home with a nice glass of wine, eating chocolate, and taking a nice bubble bath. Go for it! Toss that Rose Quartz Crystal in the bathtub and add a couple of drops of Rose essential oil - libra style ♎💕🫧

The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services.

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