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🌝 Happy Full Moon in Cancer

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The Full Moon is exact on Friday, December 6th at 5:08PM CST.

✨ How would the world change if we all cared and would be taken care of? If we all had a loving home and family?

✨ I think everything would change. Unfortunately, though - it's not reality. But the first step is to create that change for ourselves by taking extra good care of our closest home, our body. Then we can expand and take care of our loved ones and our home. Eventually, we can expand further and further.

✨ The Full Moon in Cancer is all about nurturing, our home, and care.

La Luna is all about our emotions and how we deal with them and express them. The Moon herself rules Cancer so we get an extra boost of her beautiful energy. The Full Moon is all about letting go to create space.

✨ In Medical Astrology Cancer rules the stomach and upper digestion, the chest cavity, mucus membranes, breasts, uterus, pericardium, and in general hollow organs.

✨ A Full Moon brings extra light to all Cancer themes and parts of the body. It's a good time to think about how you nourish your body and maybe to set some intentions around how you want to take better care of your body in terms of your diet and self-care.

✨ Nothing happens in a vacuum. With Mercury in Retrograde (Mercury making us re-think and re-visit things) during this Full Moon and Chiron (brings up old wounds) in a T-Square to the Sun and the Moon we might feel extra extra extra emotional during this time and maybe also think about the things we still need to process or "stomach" from the last months or year.

✨ ✨ Holistic Tools to work with through this Cancer Full Moon are -

🌝 Food - all white things to eat like cauliflower, tofu, turnips, potatoes

🌝 Crystals - white moonstone, white opal, scolecite

🌝 Flower Essences - Clematis and Chicory

🌝 Essential Oils - Chamomile and Bergamot

🌝 Herbs and teas - Chamomile

✨ Do you know someone who doesn't have a loving home and family? Maybe someone who lost a family member or is going through a divorce? Reach out and share some ❤️

The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services.

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