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Happy REAL New Year! Hello Aries Season

As the starter sign of the zodiac, kicking off spring and the first of the (fire) signs, Aries energy is like the spark that creates the flame. After meditative and dreamy Pisces Season we’re ready for the fiery Aeries season and get the action going.

4 things to do during Aries Season

1. Make physical activity a priority - It’s easy to get busy and caught up in our busy life and to-do lists. But remember energy creates and releases energy. So especially when you don’t feel like it if you feel tired or sluggish. Just move, break a sweat and you will feel so much better. Aeries being fire sign will support you in this, making working out feel much easier.

2. Start something new and set goals for yourself – Aeries is the start-up energy. It gives you the extra boost, the extra fire to start a new project, a new adventure. This is the best time for new beginnings and to set goals.

3. Do some sort of spring cleaning - This is the best time for a fresh, clean start. Not only clean out your place but do some internal emotional cleaning as well. What doesn’t serve you anymore? What holds you back and prevents you to be the best version of yourself? This is the perfect time to release old baggage.

And last but not least I have a little challenge for you.

4. In Astrology Aeries season is the baby/child stage, a reminder for us to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Think about something that you think you know all about and see if you can take a step back and learn something new or a different perspective or approach from someone. Swap the teacher/student role and be the student.

🌟🌿🪐 In Medical Astrology Aries governs the

head, the eyes, the brain, the upper teeth, and the adrenals

Aries as a fire sign can create heat, literally and figuratively. Therefore, it's important to use that heat in a constructive way, like working in bursts, going for a run etc.

And, to be mindful and aware when the heat boils over and burns too hot, like overheating of the body, especially the head. Too much fire is also dehydrating, so make sure you drink plenty of water to not only avoid dehydration but also to help cleanse and detoxify the body. Protect your eyes from the sun. Have you heard of eye yoga? Give it a try during Aries Season.

Another interesting connection is the association with the Wood element in TCM (and Yin Yoga) that is activated during the spring season. The two meridians - the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians bring CHI, prana, or life force energy into flow. After the stagnant energy of winter and the watery Pisces season that's exactly what the body needs now.

🌿 Spring and Aries Season are perfect to put your dreams into action, cleaning out the old, and refreshing.

Your Aries Season Mantras:



Happy Aeries Season my friends!


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