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Heal your ❤️ with the Full Moon in Leo 🌕♌️

In the celestial dance of the cosmos, the full moon 🌝 represents a pinnacle of energy, a time when emotions bubble to the surface, urging to be acknowledged and released. This phase of the moon is often associated with closure and letting go, but through the lens of medical astrology, the full moon is a time when energy is channeled towards specific parts of the body governed by the zodiac sign it inhabits. With the Full Moon in Leo, this energy is directed at the heart ❤️, upper back, spinal cord, spleen, and cardiovascular system.

The glowing orb of the full moon acts as a celestial beacon, shedding light on the depths of our inner emotional landscape. It's a period traditionally seen for release, but in medical astrology, it also signals a time when the body parts associated with the zodiac sign of Leo become particularly sensitive and energized.

During this lunar phase, the Leo full moon pulls us towards an intimate conversation with our hearts. It's an invitation to courageously confront and fully experience the gamut of our feelings – from the joyous beats of love and joy 💖 to the aching pangs of pain, fear, and regret. Leo's fiery energy compels us to find bravery in vulnerability, encouraging us to truly open our hearts to love and compassion ❤️‍🩹, despite the potential fear brought on by previous heartbreaks 💔.

The physical side effects of the Full Moon in Leo cannot be overlooked. We might find ourselves more prone to overheating 🔥, both in a physical and emotional sense, with dehydration being a potential risk. Hence, it is vital to nurture our heart during this time, for it is not merely an emblem of our emotions but a key organ reflecting our emotional and physical health.

Astrological Aspects Influencing the Full Moon in Leo

The planetary alignments during a Full Moon in Leo add extra dimensions to this phase. Mars squaring Chiron 🔴⚔️🤕 brings about a clash where our assertive actions (Mars) are at cross purposes with our healing processes (Chiron), underscoring conflicts that might express themselves through both emotional and physical channels.

A T-square between the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter ☀️🌝⚖️ Jupiter magnifies the full moon's intensity, potentially exaggerating our emotional responses. It's a cosmic tug-of-war that can lead to personal growth if maneuvered with consciousness and care.

Pluto's conjunction with the Sun ☀️🤝🪐 intensifies the period, exposing power dynamics and igniting transformative energies. Meanwhile, Saturn's quincunx to the Moon 🪐↔️🌜 introduces an element of adjustment, a subtle but necessary reconfiguration of our emotional landscape to balance our duties and limits.

Remedies for the Full Moon in Leo

During the Full Moon in Leo, engaging with remedies that resonate with and support the heart is wise. Consuming heart-healthy foods like oats, nuts, cocoa, citrus fruits, bran, coconut, cabbage, and leafy greens 🥗 can offer nourishment that aligns with Leo's vibrant energy. These foods provide essential nutrients that bolster cardiovascular health and emotional harmony.

Crystals such as tiger's eye, citrine, and ruby 💎 can be used to tap into Leo's potent energy, fostering courage, vitality, and an expansive heart. Tiger's eye grounds and shields us, citrine invites joy and abundance, and ruby instills passion and power.

Flower essences like vervain and olive can offer gentle but profound energetic support. Vervain helps alleviate stress and encourages relaxation, while olive combats exhaustion and renews vitality.

Aromatic essential oils such as mandarin and melissa 🍊🌿 provide comforting scents. Mandarin's sweet aroma lifts the spirits, easing stress and helping you tap into your inner child, and melissa, known for its serene properties, can soothe heart-related nervousness.

Herbs and teas, particularly motherwort, are especially relevant. Motherwort tea 🍵 is celebrated for its heart-supportive qualities, as it can aid in heart rhythm regulation and promote tranquility.

Incorporating these remedies into your Full Moon in Leo ritual can offer comprehensive support, ensuring that your heart is cared for on every level. As the moon reaches its fullest in the sign of the lion, let your heart shine, embracing its innate wisdom, might, and vulnerability. 🦁❤️‍🔥🌕


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