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🎨 ♒ ⚡ How to shield from EMFs & trigger a creativity boost - ✨✨ Mercury in Aquarius

On Saturday, February 11th, 2023, Mercury ingresses aka moves into Aquarius, and joins the Sun for a little bit. After being retrograde in Capricorn and slowly moving out of its retro shade, Mercury finally picks up speed before moving into dreamy Pisces on March 2nd.

Mercury is our fast and nervous planet ruling our brain, nervous system, and nerve function as well as our organs of perception and communication like hearing, speech, ears, vocal cords, tongue, and hands. Mercury also rules the lungs and plays a significant role together with the Moon and Neptune when allergies and sensitivities show up.

⚡What does it mean when Mercury makes its way through electric Aquarius?

As an air element, Aquarius' connection to the mind and brain is quite obvious. Through Aquarius Mercury's speed is even quicker. The mind speeds up and our thoughts spin faster. That can bring up life-changing genius ideas but also quite a bit of anxiety.

Aquarius governs the lower legs and ankles as well as our electrical currents in the body like our brain waves and our energy body including meridians, chakras, and our biofield aka our aura.

Mercury can bring up neural and shooting pains in the body, especially in the lower legs and ankles, and make us more sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

⚡🧲The truth is that we don't know enough about electromagnetic fields and how they impact our health. There is some research out there but sadly our generation will only find out the real impact later on in life.

✨Here's the good news! There are two crystals in particular, one crystal and one metal to be precise that offer protection against electromagnetic fields.

✨💎 Shungite and Copper

💎 Shungite is a black mineraloid found in Karelia, Russia. The term "shungite" was initially used in 1879 to describe a mineraloid with more than 98 percent carbon. Nowadays you can find a wide variety from 5-80% carbon. Aim for Elite Shungite for maximum effects. Place Shungite near electronics and around your workspace and bed to shield from EMFs.

💎 Copper is a "Native Element", a chemical element that appears in nature. Copper is one of the most used elements in our society and has been used for hundreds of years to heal various health ailments.

Copper is naturally conductive, due to its positive ions. Copper is missing an electron and that missing electron allows copper to exchange electrons giving it its electrical conductivity. This conductivity is perfect for dealing with EMF, which can be naturally conducted through the material seamlessly. (

⚡You can read more here

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✨How to stay grounded but inspired with this nervous energy of Mercury in Aquarius?

🌟 The answer to this is quite simple! Meditate!

You might ask why? And the answer to this is also quite simple. When we quiet the mind with meditation our brainwaves go from crazy speed overwhelmed and anxious Beta to the wakeful rest Alpha state.

When our brainwaves are in Alpha we feel relaxed and anxiety levels start to drop. But not only do Alpha brainwaves lower stress and anxiety, in a 2015 study, researchers found evidence that alpha brainwaves can trigger a rush in creativity.

🌟 How to start meditating?

If you're new to meditation the whole sitting-still non-productive act of sitting and breathing might sound daunting to you. I get that! But you know what? Don't strive for perfection, do what you need to do to make meditation exciting for you. Your little mini escape from your busy day and all the things you need to be in your grown-up life.

Create a sacred space for you in a room or part of your home where you feel comfortable. Choose something comfy to sit on. You can sit on a yoga bolster or meditation pillow on the floor but if you don't like that choose a supportive chair. Heck, you can even lie down if you like.

Maybe you create a little meditation corner, add some crystals, burn incense, and candles, and have some other little thingies you like to look at or hold in your hands.

Think about what you usually do when you're overwhelmed and need a little escape. Do you drink coffee? Break for a smoke? (yeah, you should really re-think that!) Scroll mindlessly through social media? (and feel worse afterward?)

🌟 What's the solution? - Replace!

Identify and replace the things you usually do when you feel overwhelmed with your mini-vacation-place aka your meditation, sit down and meditate.

🌟 No time to meditate?

The good news is - you don't need a lot of time. Do it for 2 minutes. If you can, increase it to 5. Maybe you get to 10, that's impressive! But you only need 2 minutes to start.

🌟 How do I meditate?

We often overthink the whole thing. So again, keep it simple. Set your timer for 2 minutes. If you don't want to feel like having a heart attack each time your timer goes off, download the app inside timer.

and set a soothing singing-bowl timer there.

Sit down and just focus on your breath. you can think "I breathe in" on your inhale and "I breathe out" on your exhale. Another way that is easy and helpful, is just to count your slow inhales and exhales. Breathe in 1, breathe out 2, breathe in 3... and go on. Congratulations you're meditating.

Now you just need to make it a habit. Aim for 21 days. Sit down each day, once a day, or if you can, more. Your brain will start to re-wire. You will start to look forward to your little mini vacay and you will start to notice the benefits after as little as 2 weeks. You will notice more lightbulb moments or streams of creativity when you have a regular meditation practice.

So the time is definitely worth it, I promise!

This information is for educational purposes only and is not to replace proper medical advice or care from a qualified practitioner.

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