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Just let it go... but pay attention to this one...

LUNAR Eclipse May 5, 2023 - in Scorpio at 12:34 PM CST

The second Eclipse this year is happening on the Taurus-Scorpio plane. As the Lunar Eclipse happens on the South Node where the energy goes out - it's all about releasing and letting go.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. The same rule applies to Astrology. With Mercury in Retrograde teaching us to finish things rather than starting new things, and the Eclipse happening on the South-Node

THIS is really the time to let go and release -


In Medical Astrology the Taurus Scorpio plane is all about what nutrients we take in and how we detox the body, releasing, making sure that literally what goes in -> goes out.

Use this time to look at (hidden) obsessions, and addictions, how and what you eat and how it comes out the other end (literally) sweat a lot, don't overdo salt, and if yo

u have any infections really really take good care of it.

Scorpio has an affinity to aromatherapy because it's associated with the nose. Therefore, incorporate essential oils and herbs into your day. Drink detox teas and lots of water.

If you want to take this a step further check in which house 15 degrees of Scorpio is.

This part of your life (and health) is going to be affected by the Solar Eclipse.

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