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New Moon in Gemini & the Undertow

Saturday’s New Moon is mixed — and charmingly varied — so totally Gemini

🌚Occurring at 9:37 pm PT (11:37 pm CST)

🌚Europe/Berlin - Sunday, June 18th - 6:37am

A New Moon occurs when the 🌞 Sun and the 🌛 Moon meet and play their light and shadow dance in the same sign.

💫 New Moons carry the magic of possibility and are great to set new intentions, dream (so take out your dream board) and re-invent, refresh, and recharge yourself.

Astrology is like a journey written in the stars. Changing its focus depending on where the sun, moon and other planets are in the sky.

When the Sun and Moon meet for a New Moon in Gemini the focus is on

Gemini Stuff ♊ Socializing, talking, reading, learning, short-term travel, siblings, neighbors...

As we experience life on different levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) - we can look for patterns and clues in the stations and movements of the planets to be prepared and even as a holistic remedy.

When we have a 🌚♊ New Moon in Gemini - our minds start to speed up, thoughts are faster firing up our synapses like little sparks. This quick-witty energy can feel like a breeze but can also stir up restlessness and anxiety.

Pro-Tipp - Roll the shoulders a couple of times - and then relax the shoulders, take a couple of deep breaths breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

🏔️ Mountain Breathing - Take your left hand - your fingers are little mountains. With your right index finger, you start tracing each finger, starting at the outer side at the bottom of your left thumb - inhale and trace the left thumb to the fingertip - exhale move it down the other side - inhale trace the index finger all the way up to the fingertip - exhale all the way down.... continue until you reach the outside of the pinkie and repeat 1-2 times.

♊ Body Parts - Shoulders, arms, hands, lungs

♊ Gland & System - Respiratory, Central Nervous System, Capillaries, Oxygenation of blood, Thymus gland

Why each New Moon in Gemini will feel a little different

Because this astrological event doesn't happen in a vacuum - aka other things are happening at the same time in the sky, we will feel another layer, a distinctive undertow.

So, what's the undertow?

This New Moon in Gemini will square Neptune (aka the planet of dreams, illusion and deception). Neptune’s influence can "unsharpen" our intellectual mind and sharpen our intuition. It can make us daydream and/or bring us crazy dreams.

So, what's the best way to work with that undertow?

MINDFULLNESS. Slow down enough to be able to pay attention to your thoughts. What are you thinking and why? Is it true? Is it reality?

And what about the crazy dreams? Chances are they can bring you some insight into your burning life-questions. But you don't need to over-analyze them. Write them down. Journaling helps your conscious mind to sort them. Maybe you'll have a lightbulb moment. But if not, don't be disappointed because your mind can still process things that might not be consciously obvious to you at the moment.

Last but not least. Neptune can weaken our immune system so make sure you get enough nutrients, sleep, and fresh air.

And a last nugget of holistic wisdom

Use a green Emerald to balance Mercury's effects. Hold the Emerald in your hand and repeat the Mantra - (inhale) I am present (exhale) and I breathe.

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