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♓ Pisces Season Health Horoscopes


ARIES - Strengthen your immune system, do something to support your lymphatic system, focus on our mental health, make sure you get enough sleep

TAURUS - Focus on your nervous system and circulation. Incorporate practices to balance your chakras or/and meridians, cleanse your energetic field

GEMINI - Evaluate your bone, connective tissue, teeth, and skin health. Pamper your skin, get your teeth checked, incorporate (yoga) stretches into your daily routine, make sure you get enough minerals. Look out for melancholy and make sure you get some fun into your life

CANCER - Level-up your movement routine, do more sports, run, get those steps in, try new (exotic) foods, look out for overindulgence, give some extra TLC to your liver

LEO - DETOX! Focus on digestion, and elimination. You know what that means! 😊

Sweat, poop, snot, tears, activate all (the fun stuff) body secretory systems. Have safe! sex

VIRGO - It's all about balance. Create acid/alkaline balance in the body, physical balance, hormonal balance, the balance of what you consume and what your body needs. Create a water-drinking routine

LIBRA - Disease prevention! Create or re-evaluate health and wellness routines, check for food sensitivities, notice how your mental health influences your physical health

SCORPIO - How are you taking care of your heart? - physically (cardio) emotionally (your emotions), spiritually (let your intuition guide the desires of your heart)

Get creative with food preparation & cooking, use food to create energy in your body

SAGITTARIUS - Time to retreat and look inwards. What are your learned food habits and traditions around food & emotional eating? Nurture your body, mind, and soul

CAPRICORN - Focus on your nervous system and incorporate practices to strengthen your nervous system like mindfulness and meditation

AQUARIUS - Slow down, focus on your 5 senses. Focus on how you value food & your metabolism, cut back on sugary foods and watch out for too many carbs

PISCES - How do you cope with stress and how do you take care of your adrenal health. Be on the lookout for any kind of inflammation. Incorporate stress-relieving practices, especially physical ones into your day


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