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Sync your week with the planets

Years ago, when I was working in the Corporate World, I noticed that Tuesday was always the most productive day. Not only for myself but for the whole office. Tuesday seemed the most energetic day of the week and a lot got done on that day. The most important meetings were always on Tuesdays. Without really knowing, I always thought that was very interesting.

We all know that Monday is a little bit of a dread. You might think it's because of the weekend and the change of pace after two days off and I think that's a part of it too, but I also think there is more to it.

Why do we have a 7-day week and where do their names originate from?

The 7-day week originates from the calendar of the Babylonians, which in turn is based on a Sumerian calendar dated to 21st-century B.C.

Seven days is the time it takes for the moon to transition between each phase: new moon, 1st quarter moon, full moon, 3rd quarter moon, and new moon.

The Romans named the days of the week after the Sun and the Moon and the five planets, which were also the names of their gods. The gods and planets were Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn which are also visible to the naked eye. Germanic and Nordic people did the same but replaced the Roman gods with their own matching gods. The Gods as well as the planets are associated with specific energy and denotation.

Monday - dies Lunae (latin) - Lundi (french) - Luna's day (Roman Moon Goddess)

Monday is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, “monandæg,” which translates to the moon’s day, a day that is sacred to the moon goddess.

Tuesday - dies Martis (latin) - Mardi (french) - Mars’s day (Roman God of war)

The Anglo-Saxons used their God Tiw (the same God as the Viking God, Tyr) God of the sky and war (similar to Mars), and named Tiwesdæg which became Tuesday.

Wednesday - dies Mercurii (latin) - Mercredi (french) - Mercury’s day (Messenger of the Roman Gods)

Wednesday is named after the God Woden (or Odin), who is paralleled with the Roman God Mercury. Both gods share the ability to travel between the worlds and the guardianship of the dead.

Thursday - dies Jovis (latin) - Jeudi (french) - Jupiter's day (Roman God of the sky and thunder)

Thursday is Thunor's day, the deity identified with Thor and associated with Jupiter stemming from the Old English form, Thunresdæg “the day of Thunder”.

Friday - dies Veneris (latin) - Vendredi (french) - Venus's day (Roman Goddess of love)

The name Friday comes from the Old English frīġedæġ, meaning the "day of Frig", referring to the Germanic Goddess Frigg who has similar characteristics to the Roman goddess Venus.

Saturday - dies Saturni (latin) - Samedi (french) - Saturn's day (Roman God of agriculture and wealth)

Saturday originates from the Roman God Saturn, and can be recognized from Latin, where the day is called 'Dies Saturni'.

Sunday - dies Solis (latin) - Dimanche (french - diēs Dominicus (literally “day of the Lord”)) - Sol's day (Roman Sun God)

The name for Sunday stems from the Middle English word sunnenday, which stems from the Latin dies solis (“sun’s day”). With Christianity, Latin-derived Romance languages got changed from “sun’s day” to “lord’s day”. However, “Sun’s day” remained for the English Sunday.

Each of the 7 days of the week reflects the energy and the flavor of their corresponding planet (including the Sun and Moon).

Do you do specific things every week on a specific day? You might not know or notice it but you're intuitively aligning with the energies of the days aka the energies of the planets. What if you intentionally synced your calendar with the cosmos?

Planning your days and activities based on planetary energy might give you an extra boost of productivity and make you feel like you have magical superpowers. Give it a try!

✨✨✨Monday - Get in Sync with the Moon

Take it slow and tune in to your emotions. It's a good day to journal or any other way to express what's on your heart. Set your intentions for the week.

The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer which is associated with home and family. It's a good day for cleaning the house or making it homier. The moon is also associated with food. A perfect day for a family dinner.

In Medica Astrology the Moon is associated with the stomach and nurturing our body.

✨✨✨Tuesday - Fire it up with Mars

Mars gives us a boost of energy and motivation. Tuesday is your day to get s*** done!

Tackle everything from projects where you need a motivation boost or crush your goals in your workouts.

In Medical Astrology Mars is associated with Aries which governs the head and the adrenals, heat, and energy in the body, blood, and inflammation.

✨✨✨Wednesday - Learn and spread the word

Mercury is the messenger and under his influence, we feel social, words come out easily and we want to learn about things, our brain speeds up and thoughts are quick. It's the best day to write, post on social media, meet up with your close friends and neighbors, study and learn about new things, and do that online course.

In Medical Astrology Mercury rules the Nervous System and the organs of communication and perception (ears, eyes, vocal cords, tongue, and hands)

✨✨✨Thursday - Where or what do you want to grow?

Jupiter expands and magnifies everything it touches. Where or what do you wish to grow? Where do you want to expand? The pitfall of this day is to overextend, to overdo, or to overcommit and later regret.

In Medical Astrology Jupiter rules the liver and is associated with the storage of fats and carbohydrates. Watch out for overindulgence. Don't overdo it with alcohol and indulgent foods.

✨✨✨Friday - Joie de vivre - Enjoy life!

Venus reminds us to enjoy life with all our senses. Friday is a fun day and self-care day. Have fun, slow down and enjoy life's bounty and beauty. What do you do for self-care? A bubble bath, pedicures, facials, a glass of wine, a romantic dinner, binge-watch Netflix, or go to a concert or the art gallery.

In Medical Astrology Venus rules the 5 senses, the thyroid, the female hormones and genitals, ovulation, the kidneys, and the bladder.

✨✨✨Saturday - Get your life in order

Saturn reminds us to be disciplined. After enjoying ourselves on Friday and not thinking about our duties and chores, Saturn helps us to get our life in order. Plan for the weekend or maybe even the week ahead. Check off your to-do list and get your chores done that you didn't have time for during the week. Saturn helps us with boundaries. Where in your life do you need to set your boundaries?

In Medical Astrology Saturn rules the structure of the body like our bones, teeth, skin, etc. Saturn is cold and restricting. Look out for melancholy and feelings of loneliness.

✨✨✨Sunday - Recharge your batteries

The sun reminds us to shine our own light and recharge our batteries. On Sunday go outside for a walk to get some fresh air and get some vitamin D in. Recharge your batteries for the week. Connect with nature and immerse yourself in your spiritual practices.

In Medical Astrology the sun is our vital force, the inner fire that keeps us going. The sun also governs the cell nucleus, the heart, and the circulatory system as well as the spleen, the arteries, and veins.

Next time when you prepare for your week, plan your activities according to the planetary energies of the day and see how your days transform.

The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services.

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