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Beach Meditation

About Modern Moon Mystic Yoga

MODERN - Powerful Vinaya-Flow with modern music

MOON - Focus and Intentions based on current Astrology

MYSTIC- Intentions & Inspiration for on and off the mat

Experience a unique astrology-based POWER 🔥 Vinyasa Yoga practice with Pranayama (Breathwork), Meditation and Intention Setting, Soundhealing, and Aromatherapy.


Located in the serene town of Rüschlikon, the beautiful new studio aka Schlosssaal is just a stone's throw

away from the lake.


Our classes are taught in English to ensure inclusivity for all. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner,

I will guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-being.

The Space


IGNITE classes are 75 minutes

Sound Bath classes are 60 minutes

Image by Colton Sturgeon


1 class drop-in CHF 35


Pay cash or Twint

+41 76 736 1959

Image by Fabrizio Chiagano


5 Classes - CHF 150

(valid 8 weeks

from time of purchase)

Pay cash or Twint

+41 76 736 1959

Buddha Statue


10 Classes - CHF 280

(valid 3 months

from time of purchase)

Pay cash or Twint

+41 76 736 1959

Flip Flops

Summer Time

☀️ Summer is fun and busy! Please make sure to check the schedule, as there may be some changes during this time. You don't want to miss any classes! 📅🌟


🧘‍♀️ Monday -                 IGNITE Vinyasa - 19:30

🧘‍♀️ Wednesday-          IGNITE Vinyasa - 08:30

📆 We follow the local school calendar

There will be no classes during the following dates in 2024

15.7-16.8             Sommerferien

7.10-18.10            Herbstferien

23.12-3.1             Winterferien

First Class
& how to book

1 - Save your spot below

2 - You can Pay via TWINT directly when you save your spot or when you come to class

3 - Show up 15 minutes before class starts for an introduction if this is your first class with us.

Returning Yogis, please arrive 5 minutes before class to get settled on your mat.

4 - Bring mat & water, wear sportswear

Close up of a womans hands is rolling up exercise mat and preparing to doing yoga. She is

You can now save your spot and pay online with TWINT

Schedule & Booking

You can now save your spot and pay online with TWINT

Make sure you save your spot online

Classes require a minimum of two participants to proceed.

The class will be canceled if enrollment falls below this threshold two hours before the scheduled class. In this case, you will receive an email notification that the class is canceled. 

Yoga Stretch

Our Class Style


POWER Vinyasa 

Energetic, powerful, and designed to ignite a sense of vitality and strength in practitioners. Expect a dynamic and challenging sequence of postures, fluidly linked with the rhythm of the breath combined with upbeat modern music to emphasize the energy. 


Modifications are available for ALL Levels.


Monthly Full Moon Soundbath

Join us monthly for this unique immersive sound-healing experience combining the healing power of crystal singing bowls, the deep resonance of gongs, and more. The vibrations from these instruments help release stress by lowering the brainwaves and bringing balance to your body and mind.

In this soothing class, you will simply lie back and immerse yourself in the therapeutic melodies of the Gong, Crystal singing bowls, and various other instruments. 

Deepen your practice


Sometimes the "regular" yoga class doesn't get you fast enough to your goal. Or maybe you're needing some extra time to feel comfortable and safe in the poses.


Maybe you don't enjoy practicing in a group setting.


I got you!


In my Private Yoga Classes, I have only one focus - YOU!


I will design a plan for you to achieve YOUR goals.

PRIVATE 60 minutes - CHF 140
PRIVATE 90 minutes - CHF 160


Do you want to know more about me?

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