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Alpine Caumasee lake in Flims, swiss Alps, is one of the most picturesque lakes in Switzer


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Revitalize & Restore 🧘‍♀️ Body - ✨ Mind - 💫 Soul


 ​ 🏔️ Yoga Retreat in the Swiss Alps


July 14th - July 19th, 2024

Immerse yourself in the majestic Alps of Switzerland. Breathe the freshest air and drink the purest spring water. 

Switzerland is one of the cleanest spots on this planet and offers the most astonishing and intact Nature. The food and water are of the highest freshness and quality. Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world and is modern and traditional at the same time. Everything in Switzerland is of the highest standard from public transportation to accommodations to food and exploring nature. 

This immersed-in-nature retreat is designed for you to slow down and become one with nature to find that magical pulse outside and inside of us an invitation to find balance through mind, body & soul.


From daily yoga practices, meditation, sound baths to hiking the breathtaking alps or just being immersed in picturesque nature as soon as you step outside. This retreat is your chance to get out of your daily hustle and bustle and find your inner peace, breathe deeply, and savor the beauty the Alps have to offer with all your senses.

Enjoy the upscale amenities like the beautiful indoor pool, sauna, and spa. The classy new hotel is designed in a modern interpretation of a Swiss chalet, enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere that comes with the use of local fabrics, natural wooden floors, and soft furnishings.



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What's included

Six days and five nights at the 4.5 Star Hotel Radisson Blue in the picturesque alpine village of Andermatt. Rated exceptional 9.0/10 on


Daily fresh breakfast buffet and 3 exquisite dinner experiences (water included, drinks extra) and of course unlimited Swiss Mountain Spring Water that comes out of your faucet. It's cleaner and more vitalizing than any bottled water in this world. Vegan options are available.

Free use of the 25m (82ft) indoor pool overlooking the stunning mountain scenery of the valley, a large fitness area with Technogym equipment, two saunas, and a steam bath.


Train ride ticket (round trip) from Zurich International Airport to Andermatt. There is no better way to enjoy the incredible views than aboard the Swiss train. You will start your retreat with the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps while sitting back, relaxing, and taking it all in.


Daily Chakra Themed Yoga Practices, Guided Meditations, and Energy Restoring Practices.

A guided Yoga Nidra and an immersive Soundbath are included in this retreat.


Guided walks/hikes in nature. Explore the Swiss Alps with the locals. Take in the breathtaking views and breathe the cleanest and freshest air, and listen to nature's peaceful sounds.


Meditation and Mindfulness practices during our hikes and walks in the Alps.

Experience the Retreat with all of your senses...

🌿 Breathe in the fresh and healing air of the Swiss Alps

🌿 Drop into the stillness of nature and find your inner peace

🌿 Soak up the healing crystalline energy of the majestic mountains around you
🌿 Release stress and tension in your body and mind

🌿 Nourish and refresh your body with healthy foods and the healing mountain spring water
🌿 Escape any light and noise pollution and experience nature with its raw beauty and magic

🌿 Experience deep and restful sleep

🌿 Re-connect with your body, mind & soul

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍 Re- Align & Heal your Energetic Body & Chakras

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Hotel & Ammenities

Gorgeous 4.5 star hotel in the heart of the Swiss Alps


Explore the serene Swiss Alps and all their incredible wilderness. Designed in a modern interpretation of a Swiss chalet, enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere that comes with the use of local fabrics, natural wooden floors and soft furnishings. Wake up to a view of scenic, snow-capped peaks, and enjoy the crisp, clear air while sipping freshly brewed coffee on our terrace. 

The hotel rooms feature a full range of upscale amenities, including free Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service and LED TVs. The convenient location within walking distance of the city center and ski lifts lets you get the most out of your Swiss adventure.

Free use of the 25m (82ft) pool overlooking the stunning mountain scenery of the valley, a large fitness area with Technogym equipment, two saunas, and a steam bath.

Moreover, you can enjoy the subtle treatments utilizing the most modern massage techniques and combining with the nature of the Gotthard mountain region using locally hand-picked herbs grown at over 2000m, honey from the beekeeper of canton Uri, as well as mountain spring water full of minerals.

The charming essence of Andermatt

Different languages and cultures have always come together here, and people from all over the world have been drawn to the Ursern Valley for centuries. Nestled between peaks and passes, lakes and cliffs, Andermatt is not only between different cantons and countries but also different cultures. 

I’ve practiced yoga for 30 years, taught for 20, and trained yoga teachers for 16, and  I can not adequately express what a gifted yoga teacher Angela is. Angela has the “something” that I can only describe as unicorn magic. You can’t teach that to someone, they are just born with it. Angela could be talking about dirt and I would listen.  I have a difficult time being still and she has an ability to put me at ease. In Yin or Sound Healing, for example. I also love her creative vinyasa flows and the intention she brings to her classes. She offers a total mind/body/spirit experience, something that is difficult to find these days. Also, I am a Vedic Astrologer and  so I know good Astrologers must put in countless hours into what they do. Angela has a passion for Astrology that is unsurpassed.  I can not recommend Angela enough. She sparkles and she will light your spark too. 

- DeAnna Shires 


Why this retreat is so special

This retreat is dear to my heart because I grew up in this area of Switzerland. I'm local and I can't wait to show you this beautiful place on earth.

I will make sure you get the most out of it during these six days and experience the Alps with all your five senses.

I'm excited to lead you through your yoga practice, to slow down, and just ENJOY.

I'm your guide and my goal is to provide you with an experience you will never forget. 

In this very personal 7-
14 participants retreat I dedicate myself to you 100%. I will be there for you to support and guide you through this unforgettable retreat.


I have enjoyed many sound bath experiences throughout the years, and I must say, Angelas’ Sound Bath experiences stand out by far!! 

Her ability to understand the depths of the bodys relationship to sound vibration is unmatched! 

Angela is gifted by way of mastery in the art of Sound and Energetic Healing Therapy; she has a way of bringing me into complete peace and serenity through her loving tone and soothing voice as she connects with the vibration of the music and breaks up any energies that needs to be removed or released. 

I highly recommend her sound healing classes as she has a gift to allow you to enter in to a realm unlike anything you have ever experienced through this educational and relaxing experience. All you need to do is be present. 

Angelas knowledgeable experience In the art of Yin yoga along with her ability to sooth the body with her calm tone and vibration, makes Angela my most favorite instructor for the specific practice of yin!! 

After leaving one of Angela’s Yin classes I always feel a renewed sense of calm and centered unlike any other yoga classes! 

I highly recommend Angela for the art of Yin yoga!! 

Much love, 
I Am Amber 

This is where you could be staying soon..

  • What airport am I flying into?
    Zürich ZRH International Airport
  • Is the airfare included?
    No - airfare is not included.
  • How do I get from Zurich Airport to Andermatt and are the costs included?
    You will travel the best and most comfortable way by train. Train rides in Switzerland are spectacular. The round-trip ticket from Zurich Airport to Andermatt is included and will be sent to your email inbox.
  • Do I need a visa for Switzerland?
    US nationals - NO VISA REQUIRED - US nationals wishing to enter Switzerland must be in possession of a passport that will remain valid for at least three months after the intended date of departure from Switzerland; and has been issued within the previous 10 years Other Nationalities - visit
  • What should I bring?
    - Bring comfy clothes to practice yoga and meditation - Bathing suit if you like to swim in the indoor pool - Layers! Bring shorts and shirts but also long sleeves, long (comfy) pants and a light jacket, rain jacket (we hope you won't need it), good running shoes and preferably comfortable hiking shoes. - Reusable water bottle. All water from the faucets and fountains (like city fountains) in Switzerland are drinking water unless specifically stated. The water in Andermatt comes straight from the alpine springs and is better than any bottled water. - Yoga mat and yoga gear you like
  • Are tips/gratuity included?
    YES!!!! all included.
  • What is not included?
    Airfare, meals and snacks outside breakfast and dinner, beverages except water, additional excursions, spa treatments.
  • Do I have to participate in all the activities?
    No. You pick and choose whatever you like to do! It's YOUR retreat!
  • Can I join even if I don't do yoga?
    Absolutely! You are more than welcome to join any yoga class and do what you can and want to do but everything is optional.
  • How can I pay for the retreat?
    You can check-out conveniently by Credit Card. If you wish to pay via bank transfer please contact me at
  • What if I'm new to yoga?
    This yoga retreat is designed for all levels. Doesn't matter if you are a practiced yogi or have never taken a yoga class before, all yoga classes are inclusive and offer modifications for all levels.
  • What language will the yoga classes be taught in?
    All yoga classes and practices are taught in English.
  • Can I join this retreat if I'm not flying in from the U.S?
    Everybody from everywhere is welcomed to this retreat.
  • Can I join the retreat if I live in Switzerland or Europe? Can I pay in CHF or EUR?
    Yes absolutely! You can join the retreat from any country! If you would like to pay in a different currency contact us at
  • Can join the retreat but not stay at the hotel?
    Yes you can participate in all retreat activities without staying at the hotel. Contact for pricing.

TERMS & CONDITIONS Your booking is binding and your spot is reserved for you as soon as we receive your payment. Payment plans are possible on request and will be defined individually. Please get in touch with us should you wish to pay in installments. CANCELLATION POLICY For cancellations made at least 60 days prior to the event, 100% of the payment will be refunded, less a handling fee of $100. There is no refund of your payment in case of cancellation less than 60 days before the event, unless somebody else can take your spot. The event has a minimum of 4 participants required to take place. Should the event be canceled due to not enough participants or unforeseen grave circumstances, you will receive a full refund. However, services, airfares and transfers already booked by you are subject to the terms and conditions of the booking agencies and will not be covered by the host. In case of cancellation due to COVID complete lockdown in Switzerland: full refund of retreat fee. LIABILITY DISCLAIMER The host (Angela Hendry) is not responsible for any damage caused by you on the event's premises. You accept all risks and agree that the host cannot be held responsible for any injuries, illness, delay (flight, etc.), loss or damage to property and health. The host does not cover transportation costs or other costs that may arise outside of the yoga program. Please ensure your passport or ID is valid and you have the appropriate COVID measures and documentations necessary to enter Switzerland. All classes are optional and the schedule is subject to change.

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I cannot voice enough positive praise!! Angela’s presence soothes the body and soul. She has an innate wisdom about her that draws out your inner strength and courage. Simply put, she brings out the best in you—spiritually and physically. I often joke that I need to tattoo “Body by Angela” on me because no one has ever been able to push me to my limits, constructively and positively, like her. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life!

-  Sanja Chiles

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Angela Hendry, E-RYT 500, is an international Yoga Teacher, Professional Coach, Health Astrologer, Aromatherapist and Energy Healer. She was born and raised in Switzerland and lived in the U.S for over ten years.


Angela is the founder of Modern Moon Mystic where she helps her clients find radiant health and well-being through Medical Astrology, Professional Coaching as well as Holistic practices like Aromatherapy, Herbs and Flower Essences, Yoga, Meditation, Sound- and Crystal Healing and more.  


As a former International HR Manager, Angela knows the pressure and stress of the Corporate World all too well. This cumulated in an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually lead to dis-ease. Angela transformed her life through the health practices she learned on her healing path over the last 20 years.  


Her mission is now to help her clients through tailored wellness and lifestyle programs so that they can transform their health and well-being, and live a fulfilled and healthy life.


In her yoga classes, Angela incorporates Mindfulness, Pranayama, Meditation, Health Astrology, Sound, Energy healing and Aromatherapy for a Holistic Yoga Experience. Angela’s teaching style is shaped and inspired by her teachers and mentors in India, Europe, and the United States. 

She teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Energy Workshops, internationally, at yoga studios and in private settings. Her immersive Sound Baths are a unique and a truly magical experience.

Andermatt Landscape Switzerland

Why Switzerland is so spectacular

The amazing mountains, clear blue lakes, and beautiful villages make Switzerland one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Switzerland is home of the most peaks over 4,000m (13,000ft) in Europe offering breathtaking views all around you. The high-peak Alps and mountains make up to 62% of the country’s territory and anywhere you go in Switzerland you will be treated to sights that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Switzerland is one of the cleanest spots on this planet and offers the most astonishing and intact Nature. The food and water are of the highest freshness and quality. Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world and is modern and traditional at the same time. Everything in Switzerland is of the highest standard from public transportation to accommodations to food and exploring nature. Clockwork, chocolate, and cheese run in every Swiss native's blood. 

Switzerland is home of the best chocolate, the best cheese, the best mountains, and of course HEIDI! To name some Hollywood movies that were filmed in Switzerland, from James Bond: GoldenEye (1995) to The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-3) using Swiss landscapes as backdrops.

Switzerland is said to be a hub of cultural diversity, influenced by neighbors on all borders while remaining uniquely Swiss. Another characteristic that distinguishes Switzerland from other countries is that it has four official languages - German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Since English is spoken widely throughout most tourist areas you will not feel excluded when visiting.

Your journey starts here...

Embark on your journey of slowing down and breathing deeply...

Enjoy the views on your train ride through the beautiful nature to your destination Andermatt.

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